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LOTS of mosquitoes

A quick update from the mosquito laboratory

We are working every day to rear the MEGA:BITESS collections, yes, even Thanksgiving (just like you and your pets mosquitoes need love and attention every day).

Some unverified results from what we are observing (disclaimer, we need to put data into spreadsheets and see if this is correct). Due to the excellent hatch rate, we've had to change protocols a bit and are now hatching new egg papers every other week. As of today, we are done rearing wk35 mosquitoes and almost done with wk36. Those wk36 mosquitoes were hatched Nov 9 and there are 2 containers that feel like they will never be done (they still have larvae and pupae). Collections from wk37 were our "boom" week and we cannot wait to see and graph our data. BUT, we do know that we have Aedes albopictus of various sizes and Aedes triseriatus!!

Below is one Aedes albopictus that escaped and bit DrBecky! Note the blood meal in the abdomen and this escapee/bite was 100% her fault.

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