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You Can Help Make This Project Sustainable!

It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to infect a child with La Crosse virus.

This USDA-funded project is currently supported for three years (2019-2022) with stipends for only 15 educators annually. We need your help to reach our goals of expanding the academy to more schools in East Tennessee and increasing awareness of the leading pediatric mosquito-borne virus ⏤ La Crosse  Encephalitis.

How can you help make an impact?

  • $4,000 provides a semester salary for an undergraduate student to conduct research

  • $1,000 supports an Educator's stipend to participate in the academy

  • $500 supports the lunch-and-learn sessions

  • $100 supports research activities

  • $25 provides surveillance material to each educator

Any and all support is greatly appreciated, thank you. 

Tax-deductible gifts to support the MEGA:BITESS academy and La Crosse virus research can also be completed through the Office of Advancement at the University of Tennessee.


UT Institute of Agriculture Office of Advancement directly.

Office of Advancement:

Medical Entomology & Geospatial Analyses:
Bringing Innovation To Teacher Education & Surveillance Studies

Preventing La Crosse Infections in Tennessee Children

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