Trout Fryxell

Associate Professor

Medical & Veterinary Entomologist

University of Tennessee

Trout Fryxell is a medical and veterinary entomologist in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at the University of Tennessee.  Trout Fryxell uses her formal training in her research and teaching program at UT. Her research program focuses on managing vectors and their pathogens to improve human and animal health and welfare. This project directly aligns with her interests in mosquitoes and La Crosse virus, as she has worked with both state and county health departments to improve Aedes mosquito and virus surveillance.


Julie Andsager


Journalism & Electronic Media

University of Tennessee

Andsager teaches courses on health, science, medicine, and the media at UT. Her research focuses on media and health messages – how those are constructed through news and entertainment, and how audiences interpret them. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in animal science and industry, with a personal and professional background in agriculture and public relations.


Joshua Rosenberg


Assistant Professor, STEM Education and Science

Dr. Rosenberg teaches classes in science and STEM education, educational technology, and research methods. In his classes, Dr. Rosenberg aims to involve students in authentic practices from the field of study.


Jennifer Richards

Assistant Professor,
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications

Developing high quality STEM educational curriculum for use in formal and informal settings; Teaching and learning theories; Translating educational research into practical application for K12 educators; Program evaluation; Educational research


Corey Day

PhD Student
Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Dept of Entomology & Plant Pathology

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Tennessee Geographic Alliance  University of Tennessee

Butefish has directed the Tennessee Geographic Alliance (TGA) for the past 18 years. TGA provides educators professional development while advocating for geography. Over the past four years TGA has hosted and cohosted Geospatial Academies and trained over 60 K-12 educators in effectively incorporating geospatial technologies in their classrooms.


Michael Camponovo

GIS Instructor &

Outreach Coordinator

University of Tennessee

Camponovo is a former high-school science educator, was hired by the UT Geography Department in 2016 as the GIS Outreach Coordinator and GIS Instructor. Under his direction the department’s community and stakeholder engagement has expanded in a variety of formats, including direct instruction to students in K-12 classrooms. Camponovo works with K-12 educators to promote geospatial technology and provide educator-focused professional development. He coordinates efforts with partners to provide career and mentoring resources.


Brian Smith

Geospatial Academies


Jefferson Middle School

Smith is an in-service educator who serves as a peer-mentor and has co-facilitated Geospatial Academies.  He is also a National Geographic Geo-Inquiry Ambassador. 


Elizabeth Dyer

Assistant Professor, STEM Education and Science

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MANY of the great videos in the tutorial and 3-minute career talks as well as the logos, posters, and infographics were created by the VERY talented Micah Willis. Willis graduated with her MS in Agricultural Communications from the University of Tennessee Dept. of Agricultural leadership, education and communications in the summer of 2020. 

Medical Entomology & Geospatial Analyses:
Bringing Innovation To Teacher Education & Surveillance Studies

Preventing La Crosse Infections in Tennessee Children