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When will we start and end the day? 

We will start each day at 8:30 and finish around 4:30pm.

How should I dress?
o Internal building temperatures fluctuate. It is better to bring a light jacket in case you get chilly.
o We will go outside so dress for 1-2 hours of outdoor walking in summer heat and/or rain showers.
o On the day we visit the laboratory, wear closed-toe shoes (sneakers not sandals) or bring a pair to change into for the laboratory.


What should I bring?
o Laptop; not a tablet. The desks have plugs for charging computers.
o Smartphone
o Water bottle for refilling throughout the day

o Completed university and federal forms

What supplies will I be given?
o Mosquito collection supplies for 10 weeks of surveillance including cups, seed germination paper, a 5-gallon bucket, measuring supplies, silver sharpie, and a mix to make the bait.
o Workshop supplies include highlighter, pencil, binder, dividers, post-it notes, and silver sharpie. A google drive link will be provided for you at the end of the workshop.
NOTE- you will need to bring these to the February and April workshops!


How and when will I receive my stipend?

o You will receive the stipend after completing each workshop and assignment. Note, stipend may vary by year. The key is to make sure you complete the T27 paperwork as well as the subcontract paperwork.

Where should I park and where will we meet?

The map below and (this link) will open a Google Map
o Parking- Lot 65/66 Knoxville, TN 37996 A parking pass will be provided upon arrival between 8:00 and 8:30am.
o Meeting- 160 Plant Biotechnology Building, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996




Medical Entomology & Geospatial Analyses:
Bringing Innovation To Teacher Education & Surveillance Studies

Preventing La Crosse Infections in Tennessee Children

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