The MEGA:BITESS Academy is designed to stimulate innovative classroom teaching and learning, facilitate a workforce interested in entomology and geospatial sciences, and foster a community aware of La Crosse encephalitis.

  • Goal: Our long-term goal is to participate and help to develop a STEM teaching community and workforce.


  • Objective: Create an integrated medical entomology and geospatial analysis (MEGA) Academy for educators (grades 6-12) by engaging them in learning medical entomology and geographic information sciences (GIS) for classroom implementation while simultaneously developing a community-driven mosquito surveillance and education program.


  • The development of the MEGA:BITESS Academy will stimulate innovative classroom teaching and learning, facilitate a workforce interested in entomology and geospatial sciences, and foster a community aware of vector-borne diseases.

Academy Goals
Workforce Development

Prepare educators in medical entomology, geospatial technologies, and innovative, inquiry-driven pedagogy.  

Research Engagement & Enhanced Community Awareness

Develop a community-driven mosquito surveillance program that simultaneously enhances awareness of medical entomology and geospatial technologies while providing temporal and spatial information on Aedes mosquito populations.

Extension Communication

Create informational materials for the community (e.g., local health departments and school systems) that simultaneously informs the community about mosquitoes and La Crosse encephalitis and promotes student communication and leadership skills.


Medical Entomology & Geospatial Analyses:

Bringing Innovation To Teacher Education & Surveillance Studies